Healthcare Systems

As a healthcare provider, you face challenges with communication and security systems.

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Our Healthcare Systems Solutions minimize your risks, maximize your efficiencies and give you peace of mind. We are committed to making sure we understand the continual unparalleled changes in healthcare, especially when it comes to technology. From sensitive medical records to life safety and security, we also understand that you’re dedicated to providing the highest in quality care, while focusing on lowering your costs and improving the patience experience.

Our knowledgeable team works with healthcare organizations of sizes throughout the Midwest and beyond. Our experts will help provide you with the systems and solutions you need to better connect with your patients, provide better care with less stress and provide more peach of mind.

You can count on our technology, support and resources with the following system services:

Integrated Nurse Call systems increase resident mobility, lower response time, increase resident’s safety, security and improve overall communication in your healthcare facility. Seamless nurse communications will also increase efficiency and provide data of critical metrics to measure performance.

Real Time Location Systems or RTLS is a game changing technology for healthcare facilities. RTLS allows authorizers to automatically track people or increase security in the facility. When integrated with the overall healthcare communication and safety system, RTLS helps scale solutions based on location accuracy.

Video surveillance or security can help healthcare providers monitor patients, people, and assets to ensure total security of the facility.

Audio/Video systems for healthcare facilities help organizations become more efficient while sharing information between peers and educating patients with ease.

The overall communication technology helps decrease response time for assisted living patients and has proven to save lives. Healthcare communication systems can improve your standard of service dramatically.

Fairchild Communications Systems, Inc. Is proud to announce a new partnership with Vizabli to provide Midwest hospitals with a state-of-the-art Acute Care Engagement System.

Recent Success Stories

CASE STUDY: Greenfield Christian Church

Floor to ceiling stained glass windows and beautiful hardwood surfaces add to the ambience of worship space but pose serious audio/visual challenges. Located in the center of downtown Greenfield with the original building established in 1895, Greenfield Christian Church is designed in a wide semicircle pattern that allows the congregation to be close to the altar. When Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. sales engineer Matt Ranft saw the hanging central cluster of speakers hung nearly 25’ above the congregation he knew that his team could design a system to greatly increase the sound quality for worshippers.  He also saw a video projector that was trying and mostly failing to blast through the brilliant light from the stained glass windows to project music lyrics and other images.

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CASE STUDY: St. Joseph Catholic Church

As COVID-19 continues, maintaining a high-quality worship service experience for churchgoers has become a challenge for many places of worship. Without access to proper broadcasting equipment or in-person services, congregations were forced to go without.

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